The word cake is not typically associated with art. More than likely, “cake” conjures up images of sweet spongy layers topped with frosting and meant to be devoured. This is certainly true, as cake should most definitely be eaten and enjoyed.

However, there is actually a whole other side to the cake making business. Here at Fluffy Thoughts, we do not simply bake our cakes. We carve, sculpt, paint, and design them. The types of cakes that are made here require real talent and artistic creativity.

There are many steps in creating a custom cake. A well-executed cake normally begins with a sketch, a sort of blue print of the work to come. The main component of any artistic creation is getting the image out of your head and on paper, a skill that the owner, Lara Stein has certainly perfected. After years of practice she can turn pretty much any vision or idea into reality. It is more than likely that she knows what you want even before you do!


After the planning stage, the cake is baked and assembled and the work of decorating can begin. With a multitude of tools at their disposal, the decorators are able to utilize a wide array of techniques including hand painting, airbrushing and sculpting using fondant.


Last week we had an amazing opportunity to design and create a cake for the National Geographic Channel! The whole process took several days and many hours of hand painting and paying attention to each detail from the camera lens to the strips of film. Each layer of the cake became a canvas that brought to life the natural beauty that is captured so intricately by the National Geographic photographs.


Even Morgan Freeman made an appearance next to one of our cakes!


It is a truly fulfilling experience to see the final product of all of your hard work and the satisfaction of the clients when they are able to see the end result. There is no doubt that this one moment makes the whole pain staking process so worth it.